We are seeking dynamic people to join us as Strategy and Corporate Finance Consultants.

You need not have any experience in finance or business consulting. We will train you based on your interest and strengths.

However, you need to be highly motivated and preferably with some experience in the private sector.

As our consultant, your main responsibilities are to manage your portfolio of companies and provide them with the best service possible.

We will provide you with the infrastructure support that will enable you to focus on servicing client’s needs only.

Why you should join us?

  • Highly stable base income with nice bonus
  • No upper limit in income – your income level is determiend by your own capabilities and not by your boss.
  • Great freedom – there are no fixed hours or location. You should be spending most of the time servicing your clients. You can plan your own time and the number of hours to put in.
  • Excellent support – you don’t have to do the heavy lifting, we will do them for you.
  • Coaching and Training – we have been highly successful in our field and we would like to train and coach you to be the next success.
  • Great Teamwork – there is no office politics to worry about.
Key responsibilities
  • To provide business owners and senior executives with good advice.
  • To help business owners achieve better performance.
  • To acquire new clients.
  • To service and manage existing clients.