We work with our related partners to provide funding and other assistance to entrepreneurs so that they can realize their dreams.

Businesses from any industry can be funded.

For startups or small companies, we handle funding needs ranging from $250,000 to $1 million, with potential for greater rounds of funding in the future. For a startup that is in need of seed capital, your business must have already started in some form and it should have some customers.

For companies that have grown to a certain size, typically deal size is in excess of $2.5 million.

This is just a guide and it might be better for interested parties to contact us for a discussion. We can devise innovative deal terms that suit your needs.

If we are unable to invest in an opportunity, we can refer you to other family funds, strategic investors, private equity and venture capital funds. At times, we may also co-invest with other funds if needed.

At times, bank loans may be more suitable and we can help you obtain bank loans as well.

Capital is an important but many entrepreneurs need more than just that. Hence, we provide entrepreneurs with other forms of support if they so need it.

Support includes:

  • Financial management
  • Future rounds of fund raising
  • Strategic advice
  • Business networks
  • Human resource recruitment

If you require more information about raising capital for your business, please feel free to email or call +65 6681-6713.