Intellectual Property Valuation

One of your most valuable assets

Intellectual properties (IP) are often one of the highest value items that a business owns. However their values are often not properly reflected in the balance sheet.

Many public listed companies are trading way above their book value because they own extremely valuable IPs such as well known brands, trademarks, patents, secret recipes, etc. Just think how much brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, SIA, DBS and Apple are worth.

We can help you estimate the value of your intellectual property such as:

  • Trademark
  • Brand name
  • Patent
  • Secret recipe
  • Copyrighted material such as manuals and training kits
  • Software
  • Marketing collateral
  • Technology innovations

Valuation Methods

We can use the following methods to value intellectual property.

  • Income Approach – using future income streams
  • Market Approach – using comparable transactions
  • Cost Approach – using cost to reproduce / replicate similar property


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