Raising Capital

Are you looking for fresh capital to expand your business?

Most businesses fail to raise capital because they are not properly prepared before they meet potential investors.

Over the past 20 years, we have seen these common mistakes made by business owners and senior executives:

  • Failed to articulate the projected return on investment to potential investors
  • Failed to explain the use of capital and this point is often related to the point above
  • Did not explain execution plan
  • Sales and profit projections are too optimistic or uninspiring
  • Did not adequately address deficit in current team’s capabilities
  • Lack of well thought out business plan
  • Valued shares too high or too low – the latter means you sell your business too cheaply and it does happen
  • Did not adequately protect your interests – this happens when entrepreneurs who are too eager to get new capital but problems begin after money comes in
  • Share too much or too little information – the former is a problem if you are raising money from potential competitors and some are too protective
  • Dragging the process too long – the entire deal cools off or situation changes
  • Did not identify deal breakers before starting the capital raising process – we will help you identify and address these deal breakers beforehand
  • Unpolished presentation – cannot even answer basic questions eloquently and investors can sense you are unprepared within 3 minutes

The list is longer than the one above but you get the picture…many things can go wrong without proper help.

Don’t fall into this trap because once a potential investor says “NO”, it is almost impossible to change his mind.

Hence, don’t short change yourself after spending so much effort to build your business to where it is today.

We’ve the experience in raising hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions.

Hence, we are uniquely positioned to help you succeed in your capital raising exercise.

Some of the things we can help you include:

  • Prepare or edit your business plan
  • Prepare appropriate projections
  • Groom your business to maximize value
  • Value your company – we will help you maximize the possible valuation based on the types of investors
  • Prepare you for investors’ presentations
  • Introduce you potential investors

Most of our cases are above $2 million because of our experience and network. However, if you have a fast growing business, we are ready to help as well as long as you are raising more than $500,000.

You can contact us to get a free copy of our capital raising guide which will explain the capital raising process in greater detail.

If you want to have a no obligation discussion on your fund raising needs, please feel free to contact Henry Ong at ong@rocvalue.com or at +65 6681-6713.