Part Time CFO Services

Are you looking for an experienced finance professional who can add value to your finance department without breaking the bank?

You find there is no need to employ a full time Chief Financial Officer but you need someone to help your finance or accounting department provide more value add to your business.

I can help you!  

Prior to starting this Company, I was director of Deloitte & Touch Financial Advisory Ltd and Grant Thornton Corporate Finance Pte Ltd. I have accumulated about 20 years of valuable experience from working with numerous companies on wide spectrum of projects including Initial Public Offerings, fund raisings, strategic planning, turnarounds, process reengineering, marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions, investments, performance improvements, new IT systems implementation, budgeting, etc.

Some of the companies that I’ve worked with are shown in the video below.

I have the experience and ability to help your business in the following areas:

  • Improve cash flow position of your business through budgeting, better working capital management, investment decisions and even fund raising.
  • Improve internal controls through separation of duties, improve access controls, conduct physical audits, implement process standardisations, inspect financial audits, perform periodic reconciliations and approval audits.
  • Improve profit margins through improving revenue mix and implementing cost and expense control measures.
  • Increase revenue by improving sales processes, KPI monitoring, reward systems etc.
  • Reduce risks through debt management, improving cyber security, hedging, etc.
  • Improve decision making through better management reporting, data mining and decision support systems etc.
  • Improve performance management by implementing suitable scorecard systems such as Balanced Scorecard, budgeting, Economic Value Added etc.

I believe my experience in Singapore, China, USA, Malaysia and Vietnam would be useful to you as well.

In order to help my clients in the shortest possible time, I would work with you to analyse the situation systematically. After understanding the situation, I would research and brain storm various solutions and discuss with various stakeholders. Once the solutions are decided on, I would implement the solutions with the help of team members. Since I am on part time basis, I find it important to involve the full-time staff. Once the solutions are implemented, I will work with the team to monitor the results and find ways to improve the results further.

Part Time CFO Services

For as low as $2000 a month, you can get the right help you need to bring your business to the next level.

If you wish to find out more about part time CFO services, please contact me at or 6681-6713.

Sincerely yours,

Henry Ong

“I’ll use my finance and business skills and 20 years of experience to help you achieve your business objectives.”

Henry Ong
Chartered Financial Analyst
Chartered Accountant
Chartered Valuer and Appraisal graduate
Strategy Management Certificate from Wharton Business School
Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School
Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Cornell University

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